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My Journey for the Last 6 Days

Hi guys, I welcome you all to read and enjoy“ My Journey for the Last 6 Days”,

by attending the workshop for content writing by Content Vidhya and Team.

What I did these 6 days (October 12-October 16,2020) apart from my normal routine life? Yes, like you I was also searching to do something from home usefully. Just googled a lot about what to do [If Google was really a human, it would definitely kick me out for torturing it]. 

My ghost mind wanted to feed it something of valuable source apart from k-dramas. Suddenly Saturday night (10/10/2020) by 8.30 PM my Instagram page showed me the “ Content Vidhya Ad” – 6 days of the content writing course.

Their landing page ad very well explained all the details. So I signed up within the next hour to give this course a try.

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What Did You Learn?

I learnt all those concepts mentioned below in a very smart way.

How You Enjoyed Assignments?

Wow! Ramya, even you know to write like this. Where were you all these days my pretty mind? After writing assignments, reading it again and again, torturing my pitiful husband to read it again and again, I finally happily submitted it. 

I felt like I have achieved something. My heart and mind were very much relaxed and happy. Never know till now that writing can make you heal and create a new person in you. I even showed more love for my family, felt lots of satisfaction mentally.

How Well You Utilized Time?

Time was just flying. Time earlier was going like a tortoise, especially after this covid-19 lockdown. During these 6 days of content writing course by Team Content Vidhya, time was running like a rabbit. 

Seriously I had no trash thinking, the one and only thinking was how to write, what to write, what to include, etc. For me, it was like a therapy session.

Any Challenges?

The first day I was like an LKG student with no knowledge about writing. But now after submitting my assignments I feel like I have passed the 12th standard, such were my challenges. 

I found a new me. I was even amazed at the efficiency with which I balanced my home life, class, assignments to submit in time. Thinking and selecting a topic, developing it, and concluding it, all was just like magic. The toughest challenge was to find my Niche. 

That nervousness to click the publish icon was another great challenge for me.

Finally, I took the first step to attend this 6 Days of content writing course by Team Content Vidhya, the 2nd, 3rd steps went on automatically. It made me open a blog and publish my writing. Uma Madhavi mam and her team are no less than magicians(as she even made me write).

 I am a woman who was even afraid to write an essay and show it to others. But this course has pushed me to take the courage to publish my writings. Now with this courage, I am stepping into this world of writing. Thank you Content Vidhya and Team.


Published by Ramya A R

Content writer, Married, I admire the proverb "What you sow so you reap" and live accordingly. My other interests are reading, yoga, gardening, travel, love nature.

4 thoughts on “My Journey for the Last 6 Days

  1. Wonderful Ramya! I really appreciate your thoughts and ideas. All age groups find this very useful. Keep spreading your knowledge and God bless you dear!

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