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1 Minute Read.

Welcome my dear readers!

We always tend to think that someone else is having a better life & unknowingly we compare them with ours. But no, despite the financial status or any other status everyone is having some inadequateness in their life.

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have | Quotelia

We never get satisfied with what we have, the desires just keep on piling up. If we accomplish a new desire or get a new thing, say a luxury car/land/ home/jewellery, we tend to be very happy with that for some days or months & then again an incompleteness fills our mind.

Why is it so?

Because we are not satisfied with what we have and soon stop cherishing what we have, becoming greedy without gratefulness.

There is also a saying that “The Feel when a king gets some kingdom & a beggar getting his food are same”. Whatever their position/status, the feel of their happiness is same.

So, realize what you have & learn to cherish it in the long run. Being satisfied makes you to “live your life ” rather than “just surviving”.

Do not count on what you lost, instead cherish what you have & plan what to gain because the past never returns but the future may fulfil the loss.

My dear readers let us cultivate a habit of not comparing & take things as it is, then we will slowly learn to be happy deep from the heart & satisfied. As comparing will only feed our stress and inadequateness.

Kindly put in your thoughts on it…See you in the next post..take care..

“DESIRE IS THE SEED OF SORROW”, so the more we are satisfied the more we are happy Buddha


How to Find Your Mind is Pure!

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Welcome dear readers!

Answer these 6 questions to yourself and find easily what is the status of your mind😎😊…

1- Am I ready to share what all I have? (Required answer – YES)

2-Am I ready to accept knowledge anytime from anyone? ( Required answer – YES)

3-Am I jealous of others & their improvements ? (Required answer – NO)

4- Am I productive in a good way? (Required answer – YES)

5- Do I feel gratitude and happy with what I have? ( Required answer – YES)

6- Do I see negativity a lot and curse others? (Required answer – NO)

If your answers are all right then kuddos for having a pure mind. If no, then let us try to achieve the pure mind respectively.

By constantly watching your mind, your thoughts will become more and more pure. Thoughts that bring joy are pure thoughts.

AngelicTunes: Pure Thoughts

Watch the mind and protect it so that it is free of impure thoughts.

Thank you for reading it , see you in the next post until then take care and stay safe….


1 Minute read

Welcome Dear lovable readers!

They say knowledge is power, but more powerful than knowledge is understanding, with understanding comes tolerance & with tolerance we can move beyond barriers.

– Micheal Wm.Arlen.

Yes, knowledge definitely gives us the key to thrive in this world.

For each and every work, maximum people try only to cheat & charge more money, taking advantage of our ignorance in that work. If we have enough knowledge about it we can avoid being cheated. So, with more knowledge we get the real power of making decisions to decide logically and ethically.

The one who has the ability to act on knowledge is the real power.

Knowledge enhances thinking, so first we get ideas of our own to solve the problems, with that experience we are able to critically think and reason the other processes. This knowledge helps our brain to function more smoothly, effectively and become smarter.

The knowledge is good only if the information you have makes you feel good about having it, enabling good productive thoughts & good actions, thereby we use it for the betterment of ourself and others.

Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “It is knowledge that ultimately gives salvation.”

My cherishable readers, learn to act on the knowledge u have & start gaining more by reading it and applying it practically.

This powerful weapon “knowledge” can create & can also destroy, so always use your knowledge, the power to help others in a healthy and positive way. See you in the next post , stay safe and take care.😊🙏❤


1 Minute Read.

Welcome my dear readers!

Whenever I hear this word “SELFLESSNESS”, the first person that comes to my mind is Mom & Mother Teresa(Yeah, there are lot of such people indeed). One of the purest souls & the best examples for selflessness. I always used to admire how she is being like this?

animals-love-warmth-20__605 - Earth Porm

Almost most of them would have felt the selfless loves from their parents, pets, friends and families.

Ok, now this “Selflessness” is really an amazing task to feel the inner happiness. I know, you all want to know how? Right!


1- Start giving things that you want for yourself.

2- Say YES more than No (Exceptional – harmful situations).

3- Reflect yourself daily.

4- Learn to Let go & love more.

5- Feeling content & Gratitude.

The last 3 steps I am working on following it now, step 1 is just a start for me. Step 2 – whenever I try to start, hesitations comes first. 😣( Really hard for me)

Hmmm….need more workings on it, I think! How about your selflessness readers?. Let me know in the comment box below. See you in the next post, Until then take care…🖐


1 Minute Read.

Hello my Dear Readers ! Hearty welcome.

As we grow, we get matured & slowly we all have a tendency to develop certain values in our life. These personal values are the main parts of whom we are. Identifying & understanding these values is really a challenge.

Important Values in Life That'll Make it Worth Living - Mission Self

Our life lessons teaches us those values and when we become aware of it, we naturally use them to take right decisions in all our situations.

So, I feel that our personal values are our guiding teachers in our life.

Life’s decisions are mainly based on what we value the most.

Ways to find the values:

To understand the most defined values just look back into your life and find,

  • What were your best choices?
  • What deeds made you happy really?
  • What you love to do the most?
  • Were you really confident in making choices?
  • How many times you have felt the gratitude?
  • When were you the most proud?
  • Which feeling occupies you mostly?
  • How many times were you satisfied in your life?
  • Was your life meaningful? or Would you make it?

I know all these will be really hard to sort it and prioritize, but still you can always achieve it. You will definitely find a lot about you in this process and then after, the decisions you make will give a feel of pampering yourself.

I really wish my dear readers to find their personal values and lead a satisfied & grateful life.

See you in the next post and thank you for reading. Take care.😁🙏❤


1 Minute read.

Hello Dear Readers,

12 of The Greatest Ever Self Improvement Quotes To Inspire You

We all are striving for good life and everyday figuring out ways on how to do life better. One such best way is Self-Education. Self-Education is not only about getting degrees and earning money, it is all about being happier, kinder, creatively fulfilled, knowing right & wrong and feeling Psychologically rewarded.

Self-Education is the piled up knowledge of years of living and the life lessons learnt

How to Self -Educate :

  • Pay attention to the lessons that life teaches.
  • Repeat small good actions or habits daily.(Doing good makes you feel good😊!)
  • Read more knowledgeful books and understand it.
  • Develop curiosity and have an optimistic outlook on life.
  • Realise how you feel & accept it, then move on towards healthy behavioural changes.

The habits like dwelling in negativity, not listening to others, incurious, no gratification, jealousy, laziness all makes your life hell with more and more failures and depression.

You are simply not successful if you are not a nice person

With those incredible self-education let us come out wiser and stronger to face our problems. Life never goes the way we want or expect it to, just enjoy the way it goes.

The happiest people out there never stop to self-educate themselves and apply it in their day to day life. Even the monks, only through rigorous self-education accomplish their higher level of calmness, hence gaining high respect.

Check out this youtube video to hear the great inspiring talk by the monk(Yongey Mingyur).

See you in the next post. Live happily and with gratitude.🖐

One Minute Fiction Challenge

Thank you Cyranny for hosting this challenge and inspiring.

What’s the ”One Minute Fiction” challenge about?

Seeing the picture prompt we are required to create a 1 minute read fiction story. The idea is to manage to type your whole story in a minute or less. Of course, you can think about it before hitting the keyboard, and you can take all your time to edit it afterwards…

This is my 1st time writing #1minfiction challenge. Let me know your views in your comment box. Thank you in advance.


Hey Ya! Asking me why I am sitting here like this?

Hmmm! It is a long story.

Actually, I was busy playing hide & seek with my friends. Maya always fails to find the place where me & John would hide, throwing tantrums not to play it again. So, we had running race, she was not happy again. So we changed to “Climbing the tree” race, then also she was not happy to play it.

Ophhhh! What a tough girl she is!

Finally we played the game decided by her, “Catching our own tail”.

Now I am in a dizzy state & taking rest in a place where maya can’t find me.

Shhh! Omg, is that maya? oh no! now I have to search another place where she can’t come and take rest.


Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it…🙏😊

To know more about this challenge, click the below link.

1MinFiction Challenge


1 Minute Read.

Hello readers, hearty welcome!

EPHEMERAL”, This exemplary word has a great meaning – ” Lasting for a short time”.

It is such a beautiful word giving us a whole new thinking on life, like how meeting and talking with a holy monk changes our thinking on life, such effectiveness.

Just think about it,

What if the Universe was Ephemeral?

What if our memories were Ephemeral?

What if the life of all living beings were Ephemeral?

 It makes me wonder about the astounding ways of creations by God. How marvellous is that, right readers! This is really creating a quietness in me & is making me realize the value of life & time.

Everything in Life is Infact Ephemeral.

Some Ephemeral Fact Examples are,

The ephemeral thunderstorm & lightening, the ephemeral flowers, the ephemeral life of flies, insects & bees, even the ephemeral stages of life cycle, the ephemeral climates, the ephemeral nature, the ephemeral talks, the ephemeral thinking, the ephemeral joys & sadness, the ephemeral romance & finally the ephemeral time.

Even people have found Ephemeral Arts, which cannot be bought or sold. It is said that the sculpture merges back into the environment for degradation process. This totally represents the real nature of existence in this world (Except Plastic I think😁). The below picture is an example of Ephemeral art.

The Beauty of Ephemeral Nature Art | Childhood By Nature

Life is like a speeding bullet, in a blink of eye bunch of years would have gone by. Life is also the toughest, let us insist kindness instead of insisting that “I AM RIGHT”. Always Try to embrace joy whenever you can, because life is also Ephemeral.

In this Ephemeral life let us choose to be different & live a life of positivity with gratitude and satisfaction & definitely foster a spirit of kindness.

See you in the next post , stay safe and live your life!

Life’s Most Poignant Questions

1 Minute Read.

Hello Dear Readers! Hearty welcome!

According to me, the life’s most poignant questions I consider are,

1- Living or just surviving?

2- Reason for birth & death, what is the need for it?

3- Why do we compare our life with others?

4- Why does other people’s influence & thoughts alter our decisions?

5- Why we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things that we don’t do?

Pin on Advanced English Vocabulary

6- Are you happy with yourself?

7- Why mostly respect is got only with loads of money and power that you have?

8- What is the value of life?

9- Why maximum of human kind is into degrading nature?

10- Will we ever save Nature Mother for the future generations?

Still, many such questions are running in my mind. But I felt I should stop here for today and not to make you guys more boring😁. I also know that you all will have such questions popping up in your mind. Kindly let it out in the comments section below.😊👍

Take care and see you in the next post.

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