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If the Time Travels Back to the Stone Age!

Sounds Interesting? 

Then I welcome you to dive into my first “fictional situation writing” ( 2 mint read).

Nikitha(35 yrs), an IT by Profession, was reading a storybook of “Flintstone” to her 5 yr old son Mukhil. It was their routine nighttime reading. Mukhil was so much into the story that he said,” God, I wish to live in the stone age.”, soon they slept.

The next morning they woke up in a cave. Yes, Mukhil’s wish was granted by our god. Nikitha and Mukhil woke up to the sound of the singings of beautiful birds. They thought it was their dream and were very happy enjoying nature.

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The Confusion

But no, their time has traveled back to the stone age. The reality just hit Nikitha. She was totally confused, worried, cried a lot, feared a lot, and was literally praying god. She was running here and there to search for phone booths, people whom she can speak with. Mukhil also got frightened and cried a lot. 

“Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be ” –

Days passed, Nikitha was slowly adapting to fate and started learning things from other stone-age nomads. On the contrary, Mukhil started to love his stone-age life. There were no worries for him, no stress to either read, learn, or write. He was just playing all the time, doing activities of his likes, he was into exploring, laughing, totally he loved there. 

The Importance of Practical Learning

Their life was almost practical every day, that became an effective way of learning for Mukhil. He learned,

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  • To flake and even made some spears.
  • To hunt fishes, birds, hares along other nomads.
  • To climb trees, he even plucked fruits and leaves.
  • To swim with no fear, help others, teach what he knows
  • To socialize and he mostly stayed happy.

He was very busy learning adventures. But deep inside he was missing his father and grandparents.

Loving Nomads

Here Nikitha was trying to live among the nomads, as her only lifeline now was her son. She was worried about his safety a lot. Though she started loving the nomads for their pure love, at the bottom of her heart she missed her family a lot and was longing for them. She cried a lot and prayed a lot.

 Even then Nikitha learned,  

  • How to create fire using flintstones.
  • How to share with others, show only love.
  • How to live even without money, hospitals, schools, gadgets, luxuries, ego.
  • How to live a very simple yet happy life with gratitude.
  • How to socialize and live in a group.
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          She was astonished by the way the nomads behaved with them. She was thankful for how they openly accepted them in their large group. How each and everyone was selfless and took care of everything without any expectations.

How they lead their life in a proper way in all aspects. They all sing and dance together, hunt food, and always share it together. She even wondered the way they lived with nature which was in abundance there. She even forgot the word pollution.

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 Indeed she was satisfied a lot with this life. The only thing that was biting her was her family. She wanted them also to be here and live this amazing life. 

Back Home

As days passed Mukhil also started to miss his father and grandparents badly. That night before sleeping he prayed to god that how he wished he could see his family. He cried and slept with those dreams. 

The next day morning Nikitha and Mukhil slowly got up to the sound of a large temple bell and were really shocked to see them in their home bedroom. They both became super happy to see Mukhil’s father sleeping beside. They immediately hugged him. 

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words” – David Archeluta

Though they missed their nomadic life, they have brought back a bunch of wonderful lessons and stories that they have learned. Yes, all those which they have learned it from those hardworking and loving stone-age ancestors. Nikitha lot of the time thanked God for his kindness and she was filled with full of gratitude.

Would you also like to go back to live in stone-age like Nikitha and Mukhil?

 Share your comments below. 


Published by Ramya A R

Content writer, Married, I admire the proverb "What you sow so you reap" and live accordingly. My other interests are reading, yoga, gardening, travel, love nature.

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