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10 Signs of Emotional Immaturity

There are things which weigh you down many times and you feel your energy level to be low and life to be sulking. These are mainly due to emotional luggage hanging inside you. Are you gonna live your life weighing with these emotional things. No right?

Just unshackle them enough to destroy that emotional luggage by becoming emotionally matured. So here, with these 10 signs, learn where you are emotionally immature and work out on that area and become a strong emotionally matured person.

1- People who are dependent on others for all reasons.

Such people will face difficulties in making even their everyday decisions. Here I mean with everyday decisions and not any major decisions( where we definitely need suggestions from others). They will always require advice, assurance, and validation from others. They hesitate to decide because of fear and being wrong. Finally, they end up with their life being controlled by others.

2 – Inability to be alone

 People with this inability will easily become anxious even thinking about being alone. They become deeply distressed and anxious about being alone. At some point in life, everyone needs to be alone, and one should be ready to accept it and face it boldly. Sometimes being alone will make you do more productive works and makes you love yourself more. I consider it as a time to understand your inner-self. Being lonelier is worse than being alone.

3- All talk only and no action.

You must have met many people who talk so sweetly and makes you do their work. But when it comes to reality they will be the first one either to procrastinate or to escape it. They keep on talking about doing something but never takes action or follow through. Because they don’t have the maturity to start anything new.

4 – Being Selfish or aloof.

Here it mainly means lacking consideration for others, and being concerned with only one’s own pleasure and profit. Actually, this will cause your happiness to decrease in the long run. Selfish or aloof people are ready for taking all and giving nothing back. They are always selfish in demanding help but they never credit it. The fun fact is they get angry when that is pointed out.

Hugh Hefner Quote: “It's good to be selfish. But not so self-centered that  you never listen to other people.” (7 wallpapers) - Quotefancy
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5 – Finding it hard to communicate their emotions.

These people might be extremely sensitive even to the smallest issues. Sometimes, unexpressed emotions can be due to the result of hurt in the past, as a result, they start thinking that the best thing is to just say nothing.

Due to fear of rejection, many avoid conflicts and never open up their emotions. Also, they find it frustrated to deal with their emotions all the time. This will definitely change their decision-making ability and also erodes their self-esteem.   

6- Control freaks

These people are generally perfectionists. Whatever work it may be they will be convinced only if they do it by themselves and will not give opportunities to others. They roam with the thought that ” it is done right only by themselves ” and also that they are the only capable people in doing it. They seem to be helpful and concerned but they really are not. Sometimes due to the fear of losing their authority or position they might even go to the extent of doing any nasty tricks.

7- They are Manipulative.

These people will never opt for a compromise. For them, compromise is either like a loss of power or loss of something precious. So, they always try to manipulate people to get back their power or things. They are loaded with tonnes of manipulative skills. Most of them will charmingly act to get much information and discredit them behind.

8- Irresponsible and sulk often

An Irresponsible person will live with a low level of mental happiness and a high level of depression and stress. They are not committed and are with full of ego. They don’t have any personal satisfaction and gratitude for others.

Many times, when a most trusted or loved person hurts us emotionally, the first thing we do is sulking. When the concerned person asks us the reason why we are sad or disturbed, we generally deny it as nothing happened. We simply need the other person to understand things magically without explanation and resolve it. This is also a character of an emotionally immature person. This Passive aggressiveness should never ruin your relationship.

9- Not Trustworthy

Friends sharing information are common. But people who are trustworthy and good listeners will never reveal confidential or personal secrets, however tempting it might be. Hence try to be someone who can be trusted and reveal secrets without any fear of it getting out.

10- Being Hot-Tempered

“Fighting or shouting without understanding what the situation is” is the motto of a hot-tempered person. They do not give a pause or some time to think about the situation. As a result, they don’t get time to work out their anger and their problems will not be solved reasonably. There are many reasons for getting angry soon like conflicts, betrayal, miscommunication, not so friendly, misunderstanding, strangers, etc. It all depends on the situations we face and the good solution comes only by delaying the need to get rid of the problem quickly.

Thus when a person can accept their weakness, faults and recognizes their strength, positive qualities, then they are ready to experience strong self-worth and high self-esteem – Schutte et al.(2002)



Published by Ramya A R

Content writer, Married, I admire the proverb "What you sow so you reap" and live accordingly. My other interests are reading, yoga, gardening, travel, love nature.

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