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Setting High Standards

1 minute read.

Hello my dear readers, welcome.

Here I am discussing high standards not based on money but based on mindset.

Many successful people are those who sets high standards for him or her self. Such people will become the role model and motivate others highly. Your lifestyle changes totally when you are able to abide by the high standards you follow.

Why We Feel So Bad About Ourselves... — Life Remade

The quality of your life is upgraded because you have made your mind fertile with high quality thinking and actions.

For this to attain you will require exceptional discipline and hardwork.

“If you want to change your life you have to raise your standards”

– Tony Robbins


1- Concentrate on health -> Only when you are healthy and feeling good in your body you can do anything. So the prime thing I insist is to concentrate on your health by eating healthy foods, exercise your body, sleep well and relax well.

A healthy body nourishes a healthy soul and healthy mind.

2- Self discipline yourself-> It is the ability and will-power to control yourself and work towards your commitments designed by you. For example, slowly reducing that urge to skip workouts, eating unhealthy stuffs, buying unnecessary things, dwelling on the past and killing time wastefully.

3- Positive Relationship -> Every person is different and have their own flaws. Learn to accept it, try to be compatible and help to grow each other. Do not let go of people who respects you, inspires you and cares for you(Even for a tiny bit). Try not to fall into the low standards of jealousy, selfishness, aggression and dishonesty. Good relations are developed with sacrifices and more caring. Please don’t take them for granted.

4- Love your work -> Whatever work it may be just try to do it in your own unique way and love to do it. You all know that work done with hatred will never be fruitful and brings you discomfort in all ways.

5- Find your strength -> When negativeness urges you or tempts you in any way, learn to accept it but choose only the right thing to do finally. I assure you that you will feel proud of yourself with lots of self-confidence. Embracing gratification and having trust worthy , well-wishing people around you is your main strength, nurture it.

Reap the benefits of setting high standards like,

  • To see an obstacle as an opportunity.
  • To never compare with others.
  • Reflect and improve.
  • Stop to over-think stuffs.
  • To always do better

 A TIP – Every month check what is your level of standard.

See you in next post until then stay healthy and start living with a high standard mindset. Take care dear readers.


The Opposite of Success isn’t Failure, it’s Inaction.

1 min read

FAILURE is just this one-step long journey towards achievement.

How Does Scrum Help you Realize the Value of failure? |


  • Gives the gut to attempt again and reach what we want.
  • Able to provide ourself an extra learning opportunity or an experience to embrace success.
  • Makes us more matured both emotionally and physically.
  • Makes us more responsible.
  • Makes us to learn from our errors and think in a new perspective way.
  • Develops us as a strong persona.
  • Helps us to think a lot, motivates us and helps to overcome the loss, mentally.


  • It can be embarrassing and demoralizing.
  • If we fall into the trap of fear of failure then we will never succeed in our goals.
  • Leads to emotional instability.
  • Anxious and stress.
  • Our health gets affected.
  • Improper sleep and eating pattern.
Quotes About Failure for Kids and Students - InspireMyKids

Getting afraid to failure is a human nature. But with that fear if you don’t take any positive action to overcome it then your life will be doomed.

We can even say that the actual opposite of success is not failure its inaction. Every arrow that hits the bull’s eye is the result of thousand misses. Hence failure is very very important for every work to reap its success.


Thomas Alva Edison has failed 10,000 times to give us the perfect incandescent electric light bulb. I hope no one still has broken that record of failures. It was only possible for him due to his strong and exceptional positive perception of life.

So my dear readers, let us learn from such admirers and try to succeed in our life positively. Stay happy and healthily.

Stress With Different Aged People


Hello my dear readers!

“It’s not the stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it”

-Hans seyle

Let us start our content with the signs and symptoms of stress from our cutesy and sweet little twinkling babies.

WHAT! Do babies also have stress? (I can hear you telling that).

YEAH……they are also loaded with emotions once they are born. Their stress symptoms are seeking attention more, feeling tired and irritated,might have pain and are scared sometimes.

Their only way of communication is by crying.

Baby blues: Behaviour not best way to assess pain in stressed newborns |  Hindustan Times

Little grown-ups, along with that cry, they also throw tantrums and shout. They try to express it through words and actions when softly asked.

But if you shout at them then they are either gonna only cry or just remain silent.

Parental stress affects children, study suggests | CTV News

You might have even noticed that if children are having hard time at school, then they give many reasons like head ache,stomach aches for not wanting to go to school. They just wanted to avoid the situation and escape.

It is the responsibility of the elders to keenly note and understand the reasons carefully and help them clear their stress.

Stress in teen years:-

Their stress are mainly due to hormonal changes and social adjustments among their peers. If their stress is high, chances of developing inferiority complex is also high.

The adolescent depression will lead to “Teen Angst“. This is the time where they want to do things in their own way. Also this is the time where they will require maximum parents or elder’s attention, love and care.

How to Help Your Teen Manage Stress | NYMetroParents

Stress in women:-

There is all kinds of stress a women is facing or suffering, but you should find the accurate reason for those stress makers and try to change it to eustress or find methods to eradicate it. Don’t fall into the trap of chronic stress.

Stress symptoms includes,

  • changes in menstrual cycle.
  • pains and cramps.
  • Acidity, bloating.
  • No proper sleep and hair loss.
  • Irritations and angry many times.
  • Sometimes over-eating.
Who are prone to stress eating, men or women? | Sambad English

Stress symptoms in men:

Men mostly get stress due to their job pressure and family pressure.

Common stress symptoms are chest pain, increased blood pressure, skin diseases, getting addicted to smoking and drinking, changes in sex drive, improper sleep, irritations, angry all-time,hair loss and over-eating.

Stress symptoms in elderly people:-

YES, these people are more easy target of stress.

Their stress is mainly due to fear, isolation, health problems, loss and grief.

Their stress symptoms are loss of appetite, sleeping often, repeating things again and again, increased blood pressure, anxiety, lack of interest in doing things they enjoy and feeling sad often.

How Can Family Caregivers Reduce Stress in Elderly Adults? - Hughes Home  Care

Stress is your body’s response to a change or a challenge. Everyone is different and have their own stress. An individual considering a stress (examples like cooking, driving, adventures, studies etc) can be a fun to another individual.

It all depends on your response and the way you handle it. You can help people by knowing their stress symptoms and help them come out of it.

Dear readers, stay healthy and positive and work on your stress in an healthy way.



How Do Muslims Treat The Elderly? | Science & Faith
Image source-science&

If you have loving and well-wishing elders in your home, then you are lucky.

Many elders might not understand you and throw tantrums or even fight with you. Due to generation gap, there will be a difference in thinking. They might be possessive of their children and ignore you, ill-treat you and they want to prove their dominance over you using their ego. You can also fight or throw tantrums with them, but never make them suffer.


Inside every one of us, we have this common grace and manner to treat the elders with dignity and respect. With more work pressure and modern era, many are too busy to care for elders. So, many elders either are being ignored or they just limit themselves into their cocoon. Gradually their contributions to the family, society and community are being forgotten.

It is always better to treat them good when they are alive rather than regretting it later.

Let us see how,

1- Be Polite — They might have become very slow learners and might forget many things and they need to be repeated again and again. In this fast world all these will be painstaking, but still try to be polite with them and make them feel that they are important.

2- Spend time with them — Many of the elders feel lonely which we fail to identify. So, definitely spend quality time with them and discuss things with them, giving them the purpose.

3- Eat together — This idea might feel dumb, but eating together gives them the super power and the sense of contentedness. This is the time well spent and you will never regret it.

4- Money — Whether dependent or not, analyse their needs and try to give them money on monthly basis for them to feel secured and safe.

5- Respect them — Whether you give money to them or not, spend time with them or not, never ever disrespect them. Their happiness lies only around you and your mood. Elders have this feeling of not wanting to be a burden to others.

How Resident Engagement Tech Promotes Social and Physical Wellness in  Senior Living - Caremerge

In this fast moving world, many times we forget what’s truly important. Elders are also important in our life, let us keep them healthy mentally and physically, let us love them and respect their inabilities, let us also learn from their life experiences.

For one day we will also become an Elder.

Nothing Can Stop You

1 minute read.

Dear readers, my warm welcome to you.

Are you sad with something? Whenever we feel ”Ok, this will be fine and will come out good ”, the table turns exactly to the opposite and fails our expectations.(Often happens to me). We feel exhausted and life ahead seems tough right.

This is were we should hold up ourselves and keep-up our mind to think straight. Though you feel very dejected and hopeless, never let yourself down, then ……..NOTHING CAN STOP YOU.

Nothing Can Stop You | Loving Life's Imperfection

Look for opportunities in the mistakes you made, think what went wrong, sort it down in a paper, analyse the possible solutions, what is to be done next, who all were in loss because of this, how to overcome it, put value in the effort, recognize where you can do better…………then NOTHING CAN STOP YOU.

This is what is called as having positive growth mindset.

16 Health is wealth ideas | nutrition poster, kids nutrition, simple  acrylic paintings

Success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile, living around and with lovable people whom you can trust heartfully.

Whenever you fail, get up back again slowly and try getting inspirations. Read more, have thought provoking conversations and check what is your perspective each and every day.

Keep Growing! with your own set of positive values and rich thoughts, create a fertile land of mind with blooming flowers shining in it as your happiness and satisfaction. Then ………NOTHING CAN STOP YOU.

When you have a deep faith in your abilities and an unbeatable fighting spirit, then NOTHING CAN STOP YOU in succeeding your pursuits.

Read this 100 word short story for an inspiration, let us work hard and achieve our dreams.

Thank you for reading and live with positivity. Nothing can stop you.

Home Maker

1 mint read.

Home maker is a person who manages home.

Dear readers, welcome to my blog.

Please do not think that homemakers are living the life of luxury with no job and no stress.

The work of homemaker never ends. Amidst an endless whirl of chores to complete and people to take care of, they are the one who keep their families positive and in good health. The life skills and responsibilities are being inculcated to your kids only with the way they live.

I'm a working husband with a housewife and no kids. Must I still do the  dishes (often) and cook (sometimes) on weekdays when I already have office  work? - Quora
Image source-

Being a homemaker can be an option for some but a requisite for others who does not have a support. Be it dealing with any kind of responsibilities or keeping the children entertained all day, they are always unique and mesmerizing in their ways. So, there is nothing inferior or get embarrassed in saying that ” I am a homemaker”

Homemakers' Contributions: UNNOTICED, UNSUNG, UNPAID | The Daily Star

Many might have given up their careers to help their spouses or to take care of the elders or to take care of their children. It is the biggest decision to make and also it needs immense patience.

Always be grateful for such people in your lives.

Are you such a superhero?

Then make sure to take care of yourself too, physically and mentally. For that you will need to get enough sleep, have a healthy diet, exercise and relax.

You have such a superhero in your home, then make sure to help them instead of increasing their work load and be with them in their difficult times. Try to fulfill their small-small wishes and see, they will be deeply satisfied.

Times are being changed where people irrespective of their gender are willing to take the role of homemaker and its a choice to be respected.

Can husbands make good homemakers? - Times of India

Many working people are envious of well positioned homemakers and honestly deep inside they too are craving for such life. So, always be proud of you. Life is all about being the best version of yourself in whatever you choose. It is all about being happy and satisfied, feeling grateful and being positive and not to follow a copy -cat running race.

Do you need tips to know how to be an efficient homemaker, then click here.

Take good care and see you in my next post.


The Relationship With Yourself

1 min read

Hello, my dear readers!

Ok, let us start our topic by answering the below questions honestly, looking into the mirror( I mean to face yourself or look into your eyes).

1- Are you true to yourself?

2- Do you compare yourself to others?

3- Are you your own friend?

4- Do you have an open talk with yourself?

5- Do you love and respect yourself?

Were you able to answer honestly and easily? Then you have a wonderful relationship with the self in you. And I sincerely congratulate you for that.

“The most important relationship in our life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself”

– Diane Von Furstenberg.

The one and only person linked directly to you, knows all your secrets, all your positive and negative sides is only “YOU”. Even if you have people who are really close to you and knows you very well, the fact “that the only one unique to you is yourself” can never be ignored.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship  you have | Authentic Woman

One’s relationship with oneself is very important for a healthy development both physically and mentally. So, I kindly urge you all to develop a healthy self-love. Now, you can ask me, “I know myself very well and what’s next?”

How well you are into you?

Do you take enough time to know all your strengths, your weakness, your dreams, your hopes, your behaviors and your characters?. If possible try to sort it out writing in a paper.

We each have our own beliefs, desires and morals. Just focus them on developing your positive own-self. I wish my dear readers to be an happy, healthy and a lovable human from the inside. Start analyzing yourself and bring out the best version of ” HAPPY YOU”

“I once read that people who study others are wise but those who study themselves are enlightened”- Robin.S.Sharma

“Yamuna/Anandibai”- A determined story to be told.

2 minute read

The first woman to set foot on American soil from India. The first female to study and graduate with a degree in medicine in the United States.

Who Is Anandi Gopal Joshi? All You Need To Know About India's First Female  Doctor
Image source –

On the eve of woman’s day week, I would like to write an article about this amazing & inspiring young lady & her husband, who achieved something that was seemingly impossible 140 years ago.

Born in an orthodox family, Yamuna was married at the age of 9 to a widower (Mr Gopal Rao Joshi), who was 20 years older than her. As per the tradition, Yamuna was given a new name “Anandibai“, meaning “Joy of art“, by her husband. He not only gave her a new name but also a new identity.

Though he was only a postal clerk, he was a progressive thinker and supporter of woman’s education of his time. A time when women were not even allowed to be educated, he decided that this woman should study and made her to study Sanskrit and English.

At the age of 14, Anandibai gave birth to a baby boy who died 10 days later because of unavailable medical care. The pain was immense, but this incident shaped the young girl’s belief and ambition to become a doctor herself. Knowing her stern interest her husband fully supported her & started to seek help from American missionary to make her study medicine in the United States.

Theodicia carpenter, a resident of Roselle, New Jersey happened to read the letter written by Mr.Gopal Rao to Royal Wilder, an American missionary. She was totally impressed and offered them her help.

But the poor little Anandibai’s health was declining with weakness, frequent headaches, fever and breathlessness. Though she was suffering, he wanted her to set an example for other women in India to study. Finally, because of his work he decided to send her to America alone.

The orthodox society censured her and criticized her strongly. They even pelted stones on her. With all those hardships the young girl traveled safely to New York. Before leaving she gave a speech at Serampore collage hall, she stressed the need for female doctors and goal of opening a medical collage in India. This inspiring speech received many applauds and support .

She joined women’s medical collage of Pennsylvania (Now Known as Drexel University collage of medicine). Her Medical education started successfully at the age of 19. By now she also got tuberculosis due to cold weather and unfamiliar diet.

Nevertheless, she graduated successfully an MD on 11th March 1886 along with other two women ” Kei okami and Tabat Islam Booly”, who were all their respective country’s 1st woman doctors. Even queen Victoria was very much moved and sent her a congratulatory message.

Know About One Of The First Female Physicians Of India, On Whom A Venus  Crater Is Named
image source

Upon returning to India, she received a hero’s welcome. She was also appointed as physician- in- charge of the female ward at Local Albert Edward Hospital Kolhapur. But unfortunately she succumbed to tuberclosis and died at the age of 22 (26th February 1887).

Mr. and Mrs. Gopal Rao Joshi’s life story succeeded in converting countless minds who doubted woman’s capabilities. Mr. Gopal Rao with his headstrong beliefs was the driving force behind Anandibai . He succeeded his vision and dream of making his wife a doctor and being the best role model for other women. She also finally proved to be his “Anandibai” – “Joy of Heart” .

Anandi Gopal Joshi Death Anniversary: Quotes by India's First Female Doctor  That Will Inspire You! | 🙏🏻 LatestLY
image source

Dear readers I was totally impressed with each and everyone of the characters here. I give them my heartfelt salute and I will be always proud of them.

Count Your Blessings

2 mint read

Hello my dear readers,

Tell me which is right ?

“To be happy for what we have or to be unhappy for what we don’t have”

Which one do you want?

I am disciplining & learning myself to be happy with what I have, but the monkey in my mind drags me to the other side many times and the result is, myself getting sad.

Hmm… still a long way to go dear readers. I know many are there like me. Let us keep fighting with that monkey mind and dominate it with “Count your blessings”.

“Count your blessings, not your problems” – Roy T. Bennett

When you find other people are worse off than you are, you will learn to count your blessings. Realize that there are good things about your situation and learn not to complain too much. Be thankful & grateful for what you have.

Count your blessings,

Daily in the morning,

Daily in your prayers,

Daily before you sleep.

Count your blessings ,

Whenever you are grateful,

Whenever you are happy,

Whenever you are sad.

Count your blessings,

Whenever you get,

Whenever you give,

What ever you get.

5 Incredible Blessings God Gives You to Enjoy Every Day
Image source –

Feel how beautiful your life transforms when you regularly practice this. I know, life is full of ups & downs, but I will assure you that this will make you mature enough to accept the facts & act accordingly with self content.

This is the base for self-improvement. With this practice you will learn to identify others who fake in front of you.

“We seldom think of what we have, but always of what we lack” – Scho Penhauer.

So, the choice is always ours, whether we need to be happy and grateful with what we have or just regret or suffer or be unhappy with what we do not have. Rest you need to decide it my dear readers.

Eustress-The Beneficial Stress

2 min read

Yes! Eustress is the stress that keeps us healthy and happy.

You may all ask me,

What! How come a stress keeps us healthy and happy? There is no way, stress only leads to depression.

Yes I do agree with you. But to your knowledge there are positive stress and negative stress. Almost all of us are aware of negative stress that leads its way to depression and yes, there is also this positive stress named EUSTRESS which will only make you happy. It is a stress that leads to the feelings of excitement and delight.

Image result for eustress history

This name EUSTRESS was derived from Greek prefix ”Eu” means ”Good” by the famous endocrinologist Hans Selye.

Let me give some examples which almost everyone should have experienced it and many might cherish those still.

Almost all of your firsts. The first day at a new job, proposals and dates, day of marriage, pregnancy, holding a baby for the first time, seeing your crush, your first bike ride and car rides, travelling to your favorite places, a scary movie, the excitement of a roller- coaster rides, playing games and all those amusing challenges come under the wings of Eustress.

This kind of stress always inspires you and shoves you to perform, grow, and learn as a better person.

Hence, eustress is a must for our overall wellbeing.

Signs of eustress in you :-

  • Accepting challenges of your limit and working on it positively.
  • Accomplishing your smaller goals which paves way for achieving a larger goal.
  • Being in a motivated mood.
  • Being happy and helping others without expectations.
  • Loving yourself and approaching problems in a positive way.
Image result for eustress history

Too much of anything is good for nothing. Yes you cannot be in an elated mood always, you will definitely need some time to relax yourself and rest well in your leisure time. Stress management is an ocean and eustress is like getting a pearl from the ocean. So, my dear readers learn to use this pearl(eustress) in your life rather than embracing the distress(negative stress).

"It's not the stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it"- Hans seyle

The capability of making your stress into an eustress definitely needs a lot of practice, but its result can bring a lot of fruitful change in your stressed life. It all depends on your perspective. Thanks for reading it and always stay positive.

Image result for eustress cliparts

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