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Welcome Dear lovable readers!

They say knowledge is power, but more powerful than knowledge is understanding, with understanding comes tolerance & with tolerance we can move beyond barriers.

– Micheal Wm.Arlen.

Yes, knowledge definitely gives us the key to thrive in this world.

For each and every work, maximum people try only to cheat & charge more money, taking advantage of our ignorance in that work. If we have enough knowledge about it we can avoid being cheated. So, with more knowledge we get the real power of making decisions to decide logically and ethically.

The one who has the ability to act on knowledge is the real power.

Knowledge enhances thinking, so first we get ideas of our own to solve the problems, with that experience we are able to critically think and reason the other processes. This knowledge helps our brain to function more smoothly, effectively and become smarter.

The knowledge is good only if the information you have makes you feel good about having it, enabling good productive thoughts & good actions, thereby we use it for the betterment of ourself and others.

Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “It is knowledge that ultimately gives salvation.”

My cherishable readers, learn to act on the knowledge u have & start gaining more by reading it and applying it practically.

This powerful weapon “knowledge” can create & can also destroy, so always use your knowledge, the power to help others in a healthy and positive way. See you in the next post , stay safe and take care.😊🙏❤


Published by Ramya A R

Content writer, Married, I admire the proverb "What you sow so you reap" and live accordingly. My other interests are reading, yoga, gardening, travel, love nature.

9 thoughts on “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

  1. Well said! This is such an important insight. Being informed before you act is what allows us to make reasoned, appropriate decisions. This skill ought to be part of what we all learn as we grow up. Thank you for shinning a light on this topic.


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