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One Minute Fiction Challenge

Thank you Cyranny for hosting this challenge and inspiring.

What’s the ”One Minute Fiction” challenge about?

Seeing the picture prompt we are required to create a 1 minute read fiction story. The idea is to manage to type your whole story in a minute or less. Of course, you can think about it before hitting the keyboard, and you can take all your time to edit it afterwards…

This is my 1st time writing #1minfiction challenge. Let me know your views in your comment box. Thank you in advance.


Hey Ya! Asking me why I am sitting here like this?

Hmmm! It is a long story.

Actually, I was busy playing hide & seek with my friends. Maya always fails to find the place where me & John would hide, throwing tantrums not to play it again. So, we had running race, she was not happy again. So we changed to “Climbing the tree” race, then also she was not happy to play it.

Ophhhh! What a tough girl she is!

Finally we played the game decided by her, “Catching our own tail”.

Now I am in a dizzy state & taking rest in a place where maya can’t find me.

Shhh! Omg, is that maya? oh no! now I have to search another place where she can’t come and take rest.


Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it…🙏😊

To know more about this challenge, click the below link.

1MinFiction Challenge


Published by Ramya A R

Content writer, Married, I admire the proverb "What you sow so you reap" and live accordingly. My other interests are reading, yoga, gardening, travel, love nature.

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