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Best Quotes About Time: Inspiring, Wise and Encouraging

What an insightful quote, right readers!

Time is non stop and irreversible, no one has control over it either good times or bad times.

Patience is the ability to wait, but not passively (that is laziness). Patience is a skill, the skill to maintain good attitude while waiting despite the difficulties. Patience gifts you with strong positive thoughts, confidence and good health.

Building Your Online Presence - It Takes Time and Patience

We can never alter the time but we can work on our patience engaging in techniques to become more patient person. When u r patient enough, good times will embrace you and makes u happy.

Ways to handle impatience in daily life,

  • Deep Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Prayers or Affirmations
  • Self-teaching
  • Gratitude
  • Go with the flow
  • Self- learn your ego

With regular practice of these ways you will definitely be surprised to see a NEW YOU. Because things never happen the way we want and also doesn’t occur in the time we want. So, most of the life we need to be in patience only and wait for the miracles.

Even a good relationship requires more time, trust and patience. Showing your loved people more patience will also inspire them to be more patient with you.

Patience shows your loved ones that you value them and their relationship enough to see beyond their โ€œfaults.โ€

Great saints always said that “Patience is the most powerful warrior than time” . Because, the power of patience will make us win the difficulties we face during bad times by increasing our strength of mind and confidence level.

Thus this famous quote of Leo Tolstoy motivates us to remain grounded with reality of life.

Dear readers, Let us keep on building our Patience with time and live a beautiful life. Thanks for reading, see you in the next post.


Published by Ramya A R

Content writer, Married, I admire the proverb "What you sow so you reap" and live accordingly. My other interests are reading, yoga, gardening, travel, love nature.

8 thoughts on “PATIENCE AND TIME

  1. ramya another great and relavent one minute read from your pen. Patience is the mother of all virtues our parents tell us..and now a days strangely tha’ts what we lack most and leads to a lot of confrontations. Observing our internal dialogues helps in building patience.

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