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If you have loving and well-wishing elders in your home, then you are lucky.

Many elders might not understand you and throw tantrums or even fight with you. Due to generation gap, there will be a difference in thinking. They might be possessive of their children and ignore you, ill-treat you and they want to prove their dominance over you using their ego. You can also fight or throw tantrums with them, but never make them suffer.


Inside every one of us, we have this common grace and manner to treat the elders with dignity and respect. With more work pressure and modern era, many are too busy to care for elders. So, many elders either are being ignored or they just limit themselves into their cocoon. Gradually their contributions to the family, society and community are being forgotten.

It is always better to treat them good when they are alive rather than regretting it later.

Let us see how,

1- Be Polite — They might have become very slow learners and might forget many things and they need to be repeated again and again. In this fast world all these will be painstaking, but still try to be polite with them and make them feel that they are important.

2- Spend time with them — Many of the elders feel lonely which we fail to identify. So, definitely spend quality time with them and discuss things with them, giving them the purpose.

3- Eat together — This idea might feel dumb, but eating together gives them the super power and the sense of contentedness. This is the time well spent and you will never regret it.

4- Money — Whether dependent or not, analyse their needs and try to give them money on monthly basis for them to feel secured and safe.

5- Respect them — Whether you give money to them or not, spend time with them or not, never ever disrespect them. Their happiness lies only around you and your mood. Elders have this feeling of not wanting to be a burden to others.

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In this fast moving world, many times we forget what’s truly important. Elders are also important in our life, let us keep them healthy mentally and physically, let us love them and respect their inabilities, let us also learn from their life experiences.

For one day we will also become an Elder.

Published by Ramya A R

Content writer, Married, I admire the proverb "What you sow so you reap" and live accordingly. My other interests are reading, yoga, gardening, travel, love nature.

4 thoughts on “ELDERS

  1. Well written 😊👍. The family tree is missing in this decade. The younger generation should spend time with their family elders like their kids.

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  2. Of course a garden is always incomplete without the autumn leaves, the fragrance of fallen leaves and dried petals makes a garden more vibrant and earthly……..and never forget that one day we too will get old…..a wither away….

    Liked by 1 person

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