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Procrastination – Standard or Exception

Procrastination is to postpone or delay your action of doing something.

This habit is poshly living inside all of us. For some, it’s occasional (Exception) and for some others, it’s frequent (Standard). Whenever your procrastination is frequent, learn to overcome it, or else you will regret it forever.

Standard Procrastination and Regrets are directly related.

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Pros of Exceptional Procrastination

[Note – I have written these pros only based on those people who use their procrastinating time innovating productively and once the deadline is reached they come out with more potential work. They have repeated their works so many times and are experts in their field of work. These pros are not based on people who just waste their procrastinating time mindlessly. ]

1- Develops focusing power. For example, You have a work and you are procrastinating it. As the deadline approaches, your focus shifts totally on that work and you are motivated to finish it before the deadline. Your thinking is all about new ideas and your focus becomes more concentrated on completing them.

2- Ability to prioritize. We cannot do all the works the moment it shows up. We first need to sort out things based on priorities and needs. Thus we get that ability to decide what works to be done immediately and what works to be procrastinated.

3- Being creative – Just like that many innovative ideas will be created while you are researching your work or while using your procrastinating time productively.

4- Creates happiness. Once the task is completed, Endorphins will flow in proving your happy completion.

5- While you perform doing works faster to meet your deadline, you will find other tough works to be easy and get the confidence of completing it easily.

Cons of Standard procrastination

There are loads of disadvantages of procrastination. Here I have discussed only the very basic reasons.

1- We develop unnecessary fears, pressure, and stress. This invites unnecessary problems to our health.

2- The quality of work becomes very low. As you perform your work in a rushing way, time-pressure disturbs your concentration. Automatically your work’s quality and performance will be poor.

3- We finally fall prey to depression and stress. This, in turn, creates low self-esteem in us and we get addicted to negativity.

4- There is no life satisfaction. We then start telling lies to hide our procrastination and even before we realize it there will be a tower of lies accumulated.

5- We even lose other’s trust, finally ending up in loneliness.

6- It is one of the root causes of obesity.

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Researches have even proved that procrastination is related to psychological vulnerability.

Reasons behind Procrastination are,

1- Being tired and due to laziness.

2- Poor time management.

3- Anxiety about the particular job and Hesitation.

4- Emotional Immaturity.

5- No Pre-planning or any other Planning.

I would like to conclude with a fact that procrastination is an art when it is used productively. You should think yourself, like when it should be used usefully and when should not. Never use it standardly and mindlessly and let it destroy your lives. I wish my dear readers to lead a healthy and mindful life.


Published by Ramya A R

Content writer, Married, I admire the proverb "What you sow so you reap" and live accordingly. My other interests are reading, yoga, gardening, travel, love nature.

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