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Do You Think yourself

Other than your mother and father no one in this world is going to think for you. In this modern internet era, if you ask me, ” Do you think yourself anytime?” then I would say “No”.

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We are being hypnotized by an ample number of external forces. For example, new fashions are popping out daily in almost everything. Most of us go crazy in it and buy things in a way where we are driven by emotions rather than a reason. It has become a money-driven era. This herding behavior has led many people to fall in debt and depression, because of overspending and stressing about it. Check honestly whether the things you bought were really by your own deep thinking and according to the need or bought just like that.

“Is your thinking your own”

If you observe and see, you will notice that our lives are being controlled by the powers of these marketing industries and thanks to the smart internet that it has us in its fingers and makes us dance in its wishes. We don’t even realize this.

This “Thinking yourself ” is achieved with a strong mind power. This takes a while to develop it as a habit, as it needs lots of patience and will power. Many feel it to be unnecessary, boring and thus get under others control automatically. Only you can think for yourself and you can’t expect it from others.

THINK Yourself to Weight Loss and a New You – Weight Loss and Leadership
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Steps to make you think yourself :

1- Identify and prioritize your important needs. So that you can access only which you want and dispose the unnecessary.

2- Never believe in others opinions. Just analyse it deeply, research it and find the truth.

3- Learn from your mistakes and experiences. They are the best teachers of life.

4 – Solve your problem one by one. The idea is split and conquer.

[TIP – Write down your problem, in the nearby side itself think and write all possible solutions. This almost solves your problem]

5- Always re-examine what you think and why. Also test yourself often.

6- Be aware of your situations always first and try not to make decisions when you are under pressure, fear or guilt.

The most important person in your world is ” YOU”.
The right self-thinking sets the basis in creating and nurturing your happiness, positivity, self-esteem, confidence and achievements. Hope my dear readers will nurture the right self-thinking and live a happy life.

Do know your valuable opinions in the comment box.:-)


Published by Ramya A R

Content writer, Married, I admire the proverb "What you sow so you reap" and live accordingly. My other interests are reading, yoga, gardening, travel, love nature.

8 thoughts on “Do You Think yourself

  1. Right Ramya! Self thinking gives awareness which leads to wellness!❤️
    People must practise this .✨
    Thanks for reminding an important thing 🙏🏻Yeah, we all have brain! Isn’t it?😊

    Liked by 3 people

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